Fix Capcut Lagging

CapCut is a popular mobile application that has been developing mobile devices especially. Also, it comes with a range of useful effects and filters to create and enhance videos for social media and other platforms hassle-freely. However, it can cause lagging sometimes therefore we are here to tell you how to fix CapCut lagging easily.

Fix Capcut Lagging

Cause of CapCut lagging

  • Working with large video files or high-resolution content can strain the device’s processing power.
  • Running background apps can consume resources, affecting CapCut’s performance.
  • Low storage can also impact app performance.
  • Slow internet can affect cloud-based features.
  • Outdated app versions might not be optimized for newer devices.
  • High RAM usage by CapCut or further apps can lead to lag.
  • Incompatibility with the device’s OS can cause lag.

How to fix CapCut lagging?

  • Lower Export Quality:
    • Reduce the export quality settings to alleviate processing demands.
  • Close Background Apps:
    • Shut down other apps running concurrently to free up device resources.
  • Clear Cache:
    • Regularly clear CapCut’s cache to prevent lag due to accumulated data.
  • Update App:
    • Ensure you have the latest version, as updates may include performance optimizations.
  • Device Storage:
    • Keep sufficient storage space on your device for smoother performance.
  • Restart Device:
    • Reboot your device to refresh its system resources.
  • Trim Timeline:
    • Shorten the timeline by removing unnecessary clips to lessen processing load.
  • Use Proxy Files:
    • Substitute high-res clips with lower-res versions for smoother editing.
  • Background Processes:
    • Disable background rendering or processing during editing.
  • Contact Support:
    • Reach out to CapCut’s support for further troubleshooting if lag persists.

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