Add Reveal Text Effect in

Reveal Text in a video refers to a visual effect where text gradually becomes visible or revealed as the video plays. This effect is often used to create suspense, add emphasis, or deliver information dynamically and engagingly. The text starts hidden and progressively appears, enhancing the viewer’s experience.

Add Reveal Text Effect in CapCut

How to add Reveal Text Effect in CapCut?

To add a reveal text effect in CapCut, follow these steps:

  • Import Clip: Open your project in CapCut and import the video clip you want to add the effect to.
  • Add Text: Then tap on the Text option and select the position for your text. Type in the desired text.
  • Duplicate Clip: Duplicate the video clip on the timeline by copying and pasting it.
  • Crop Top Clip: On the duplicated clip, use the crop tool to hide the text. Adjust the crop gradually to reveal the hidden text.
  • Adjust Duration: Make sure both clips are aligned and have the same duration.
  • Transitions (Optional): To enhance the effect, add a smooth transition between the clips.
  • Preview and Export: Preview the video to ensure the reveal effect is as desired. Export the video once satisfied.

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